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Digital Media Kit

At Mitre Media, I was championed with designing a new media kit that would provide individuals with a detailed synopsis of what is Mitre Media, our mission and our value proposition within the financial services industry.

Customer Retention Email


Customer Reactivation Email

The goal of the strategy was to implement marketing automation that would communicate with customers once they have reached an inactive status.  The email was automatically triggered upon going 180 days without riding with GroundLink.  Over a period of 12 months, this email process reactivated 3,100 customers and generate $500,000 in revenue.

Display Media Banner


Display Ad

The existing GroundLink banners did not engage the users or provide the value proposition / call to action needed to drive high click rates.  By leveraged an animated gif and focusing the messaging on consumers fear with car services we were able to increase click rates by 50% while not having to leverage a discount as our call to action.

Lead Generation Page


Lead Generation Page

FrontCenterMedia was driving leads by leveraging cold calling tactics and deploying high cost samples to unqualified buyers.  By developing a lead generation page that educated the visitor on the value proposition of the product along with its features and benefits we were able to drive 75 warm leads per day and shorten the sell cycle by 4 days.

Digital Landing Page
Digital Landing Page


Co-Branded Landing Page

I was looking to capitalize on a new partnership with Roundabout Theater Company by creating a promotion that revolved around the launch of a new show.  The promotion was for opening night which was mostly VIPs, the best audience segment for GroundLink.  The promotion generated 130 rides with 50% of them becoming high value users for GroundLink.



Blue Cross Blue Shield Banner

Develop creative that can help drive highly qualified leads for the BCBS internal sales teams.  Our target audience was Small Businesses between 2 - 50 employees looking to offer health plans to employees.

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